Learn the use in italian of the "ne" particle

In italian exists the "ne" to substitute a part of the phrase

-Avete delle arancie?:Do you have oranges?

-si, ne abbiamo:Yes, we do.

-Allora me ne dia due per piacere:Then please give me two

In this case on the first answer "si, ne abbiamo" the "ne" means "delle arancie(oranges)". And "Allora me ne dia due" the "ne" means from the oranges. Always when you want to express quantity of something without reffering what you want but you have said it in a previous sentence, you have to use the "ne"

Lei ha chiesto due caffè e gliene hanno dato soltant'uno:She asked for two coffees and only got one

In this case we use "ne+le" and becomes "gliene". Let's remember, "le" means "to her" and the "ne" in this case means "dei caffe=of the coffees".The sentence without the "ne" would be:Lei ha chiesto due caffè, e le hanno dato soltant'uno dei due caffè' che ha chiesto: She asked for two coffees and only got one of the two she asked

Me ne devo andare:I must go

-Avete parlato di quello?:Did you talk about that?.

-No, non ne abbiamo parlato:No we have not

On the first example the "ne" means "from here", on the second case "of that"