January 2012
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Learn spanish

Learn italian

Poliglo's courses to learn languages are structured using 1000 words to learn. Each course has four levels, and each level has 250 words, the first section is "250 words" the second section is "500 words", the third section is "750 words" and the fourth and last section is "1000 words". Right now there are available the Learn spanish course and the Learn italian course We hope that our courses would be really useful for you!

250 words

In this section you will find those that we consider the basics word to start learning a new language. Most of the lessons are just vocabulary, but we promess you that you'll find more examples on the second level.

500 words

The second level of Poliglo's courses are structured just as the first level, but in this case there a more examples and short sentences. You are going to keep learning new words, that will help you at the end of this section to build long sentences.

750 words

The third level of Poliglo's courses are structured according to the actions, that is why it begins with the verb to be, follow in teh second lesson of this level by the gerund. It is also a level with more examples and more long sentences.

1000 words

This is the last level of Poliglo's courses to learn a language. In this level you will find the verb moods that we consider a little bit more complicated to learn, however not impossible learn them. You will also learn a lot more examples that will help you to learn the language you want.

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